All of your ideas in one place.

Brainstorming and Mind Mapping, done right.

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Ideas are not flat.

They are naturally related to other ideas.
So, why store them separately, in a flat list of different notes?
Store them in one powerful tree.

For Example

Let's take some notes.


You could shove them all in a flat list. (boring) OR...


You could organize them naturally. (correct)

Don't stop there!

Work on your essay in the same place! Break it down.

See for yourself!

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Enter JumpRoot

What is it?

Technically, JumpRoot is an online tool for structured note-taking (and more), but really...

JumpRoot helps you think!

Break down your ideas on the fly

Best of all, JumpRoot is FREE!

What's the catch?

New features are coming soon and those may or may not be free.


The core, basic version is - and always will be - FREE.

The root of your ideas is YOU.

Get thinking, and use JumpRoot to build your ideas the right way!

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