Q: Who is behind JumpRoot?

A: Just me! My name is Marco. Nice to meet you. This is a passion project of mine. I truly hope that you write me via facebook or twitter. The community is small, so I want to talk with you and hopefully tailor the product to your needs. I'm never too busy to handle a comment, concern, or even a 'hello'.

Q: Why did you build JumpRoot?

A: I've always found note-taking and mind-mapping tools lacking. Note-taking tools don't keep relations between notes. Mind-mapping tools take up too much space and seem to be only good for single projects. The tool I always wanted was like a mind-map, but that would encompass my whole life; all of my ideas, all of my projects, school notes, work notes, health notes, everything!

I made prototypes for this tool many years ago. I considered releasing it to the public, but was always busy. One day recently, I realized that the tool is extremely useful (to me). I use my prototype all the time! So I thought it was time to wrap it up and release it for everyone to try. Believe me, the current version is only a sliver of what I have in mind for JumpRoot. Yet, I'd rather release something small and useful than something abitious that never sees the light of day. So, enjoy it for now, but expect much bigger things soon.

Q: Why the name JumpRoot?

A: Primarily, because the .com was available. I'd rather the product have a unique name that it can "own" 360 degrees. Since the broken-down ideas inherently have a "tree" like structure, I wanted the name to reflect that in a way. JumpRoot! It has energy, no? I hope you like it.

Q: Id like to do ___, but JumpRoot doesn't have it. Now what?

A: Write me. Twitter, facebook, or email. All links at the bottom of this page. I am eager to hear your concern and I will prioritize it properly, and believe me, concerns from the users are my top priority!

Q: JumpRoot is free now, but will you charge money for it later?

A: Yes and no. The core offering (text-based nodes, import, export) will always be free. That is my plan. However, I have some great new features in mind. For those, I will consider, at that time, whether or not they will be "paid."

Q: What new features can we expect?

A: Good ones! No guarantees here, but here's what I want to do in the near future

These are quite ambitious goals. However, I have enough experience to know that they won't get done unless I'm careful. I will scope them out carefully, possibly hire some people to help, and they will get done!

Q: Who can see my data and how is it stored?

A: Let's talk, first, about storage. Your data is stored securely and privately in our hosted database. Only the JumpRoot staff (me) have access to this. Transmission from your browser to this database is secured via HTTPS. Now, let's talk about who can see your data. I'd love to say that only you can see your data, but that's just not possible. The data needs to be accessible to the JumpRoot software. This is only for the purpose of making the features (present and future ones) work. Your entire "tree" in JumpRoot is stored together as one big object. While the contents of your nodes are not needed for anything, the structure of your tree may be needed for features that involve several nodes. So, while it is possible to encrypt your entire tree so that only you could use it, it would limit JumpRoot's ability to provide cool features to you. This practice is not unusual. In fact, most websites that work with your data do the same thing. I just want to be transparent about it. Although not worth much, I can offer a personal promise that JumpRoot staff will always respect your privacy and only look at your data for administrative purposes in which doing so cannot be avoided.

...Umm...I'm all out of questions

NP. Please try JumpRoot and whether you like it or not, I invite you to write me and let me know what you think. Thank you!